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Shipping and Delivery with Project Puppy Love $300 - $450

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When it comes to shipping we would love to meet all new pet parents, however we understand that it is not always possible.  So we have options for you.  We have a professional delivery service that will bring your puppy to you.  We have our own driver teams and vehicles and deliver for other breeders that meet our standards.  

The focus is always on not stressing our pets.  A road trip helps puppies to get used to car travel and is a benefit to them in the long run.  We make sure that they have health checks from our vet before they leave and we will never allow a sick puppy to leave our facility.  Please look at the map below for pricing and details.

 We will work with you to get your pet to you safely, not just as soon as possible.

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Project Puppy Love - Fly to Me $450

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Flying a pet anywhere can be a bit of a stressful situation, for the owner the seller and especially the pet.  We fly pets often and decided to make it easy for you.  We will fly you puppy to your closest airport on the continental USA for $450.  No hidden costs.  We may need to get a special quote for those who live outside the USA.
Tracking:  Click Here
Once we have booked your flight we will send you flight confirmation and a tracking number.  You can then track the flight via the American Airlines website.
Any puppy that is legally allowed to fly, snub nosed dogs like French bulldogs are not allowed to fly.  We can help you fly your pet with confidence.  
$450 - Anywhere in the USA 
We arrange insurance on all pets transported.
Fly With:   
We use PetEx and American Airlines, Delta or Alaskan Airlines.
We will do it all and help you with your requirements for example you will need photo identification for the person picking up the puppy.
Vet Check: 
If you fly with us we provide a vet certificate, flying is a great way to ensure that you are getting a healthy pet, nobody will fly a sick pet.
We provide the correct quality and size crate.  
We arrange flights as soon as possible, however it is weather dependent.  If a flight leaves from or lands in an airport that is outside the 25 degree - 85 degree limit, the flight is delayed to another day.  We will work with you to get your pet to you safely, not just as soon as possible.
Download and Fill Files or copy and paste the info below to your email.
Project Puppy Love - Fly to Me Data
The Flight
*Desired Flight Date (MM/DD/YY):
Arriving at: (Airport) (City or Area)
The Pet and Breeder
Name of Breeder
Name of Pet
Phone number of breeder.
Breed ( Cavalier, Labrador ext...)
The Consignee - Your details
Consignee Name ( Pick up Person) Need ID at Airport
Consignee-CELL Phone
Consignee - alternative phone number
Consignee-Street Address:
Insurance is Always Included
Insurance value in $ $

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