Get to Know Us

Who is Project Puppy Love?

Ivan, the boy in the videos, is my son, he loves all animals and would like to be a vet someday.  He also wanted to help his mother who works in counselling and specialize in addiction.  Project Puppy Love was born from both these needs.  We train ESA or emotional support animals to help my wife's clients and we put some online.  Our pets are our family and may become part of yours, so here we are.  We hide the crazy bits but I think our passion shines through.   

Your Puppy loves you even when you act Crazy

 Dog Loves Kitten? WoW

Small dog - Big Personality

Be Happy - No matter what the weather.

Puppy Golf Loving Puppies Socializing Puppies

 Puppy Walk

Morning Walk

 Socializing with Lenny

Playing Fetch

Teaching Sharing


Sit Training