Snuggie - Yorkshire Terrier

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Name:  Snuggie

Gender: Female

Born:     09/29/2019

Contact/Text:  423 503 5292

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Full medical History - With records of vaccine numbers

All shots and vaccinations up to date 

All preventative medicines given

Micro Chipped and ready to register


Snuggie is received her name from loving to crawl up on anybody who is available and snuggle. She really knows how to crawl right into your heart.

At Project Puppy Love we train ESA (Emotional Support Animals). Snuggie was chosen to be on the program due to her good breeding and because we have Yorkies from this mother and father before and they were a great success. All our puppies are super socialized, helping them to bridge the gap between a pack animal and a social animal. This helps them to fit in with humans environment and not become neurotic.

So often in life we determine the response we get from others by the way we interact with them. Well Snuggie is of to a good start. She will win hearts and bring joy and love. She loves playing with kids and hold her own with the bigger dogs. At first we had to feed the Yorkie's separately but they have learnt to hold there own now. She may be small but she can protect what she thinks is hers.