Peter - Miniature Schnauzer

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Name:  Peter

Breed:  Miniature Schnauzer

Gender: Male

Born:    07/29/2020

Contact/Text:  423 503 5292

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Peter is the more reserved little mini Schnauzer, he has a big personality, after all he is a Schnauzer, but he is not as lively as his brother Rabbit.  In this little drama it is Rabbit that gets Peter into trouble and not like the story book.  He has a good appetite and sense of independence.  He has the unique copper tinge color that is very trendy.  Peter is super smart and learns really fast to adapt to new situations, he is not as vocal as his brothers.

Our family pets are Schnauzers so  I have a soft spot for them and I really like the copper tone Schnauzers, we have a salt and pepper female and white male and the copper Schnauzer looks so cute with them. 

If you are looking for a little ball of love that does not shed, is super smart and has all the makings of an emotional support animal then this little boy is for you.  Everybody always asks about toilet training, well puppies only really get bowl control at 6 months, just like humans who take a lot longer.  

If you feed pets grain like wheat corn and soy you will have an overweight dog, yet most Schnauzers somehow tend to maintain a health body weight and are generally very healthy.  The fact that they are hypoallergenic puppies make them very popular.  They have strong personalities and can be a bit obstinate.  Schnauzers like to be the boss and always see themselves as the Alpha of any other creatures, including humans.  My little guy crawls up at night and puts his paws on my neck to show how he is my boss.  I have to be strict with him and Rabbit is the same, he will respond well to leadership and rules.  He has an excellent ability for adaptation.  His nature is quite chill until he gets out and you play with him. He keeps the kids here busy with all types of intrigue. He will travel well and play well but can have a nap at any given time.

The ability to adapt to new situations make  the Schnauzers excellent Emotional Support Animals and pets.  I must say that only the brave of heart should try to boss a Schnauzer, they like to dominate, especially everybody on 2 and 4 legs.  My Pepper believes that he is the pack leader around the house.  We have words often and he does not like my pretenses to the family throne.  Schnauzer = Big Personality.

We socialize the puppies with children and other dogs both bigger and smaller.  He has no problem with being gentle or standing his ground with the Bulldogs, trust me, that is a tall order. Our puppies are on a special diet and our effort is to get a puppy that is super healthy, intelligent and confident in all situations.

Our puppies will not snap at kids or other dogs and will be a pleasure in public spaces. They are trained not to be neurotic and fearful. This is something one really needs to watch for with any Poodle mix.  I love Poodles but they are highly strung intelligent animals.  Peter is ready for the world, remember Schnauzers have big personalities in small bodies so be ready for it.