Ken - Bichon Frise

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Name:  Ken

Gender: Male

Breed:    Bichon Frise

Born:     09/05/2019

Contact/Text:  423 503 5292

Fly to Me:  Any Puppy Anywhere in the USA for $300


Full medical History - With records of vaccine numbers

All shots and vaccinations up to date 

All preventative medicines given

Microchipped and ready to register


Project Puppy Love trains Emotional Support Animals by socializing them and training them in the transition from being a pack animal to a social animal. Anybody can get these puppies and they do not need to be registered. It simply means that you will get a super puppy that is well adjusted and will make a good pet. We choose only the best puppies from trusted breeders and give them a head start in life, that is what Project Puppy Loves does both for puppies and humans.

Ken is a super cool little dude, in fact my son named him after his grandfather, whom he adores beyond measure. Grandfather Ken has a Bichon Frise that is this little puppies brother from another litter. He is a little Bichon Frise by the name of Jacoby, after the Colts quarterback. I know the family.

I can confirm that this is a good bloodline and that he should be an exceptionally healthy and happy pet. Ken is intelligent, confident and and good playmate to his sister Bonnie and the other puppies. I think the pictures speak for themselves and you should watch the videos on