Hershey - Labrador Retriever

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Name:  Hershey  

Gender: Female

Breed:    Labrador Retriever

Born: 01/25/2020

Contact/Text:  423 544 7123

Fly to Me:  Any Puppy Anywhere in the USA for $300

We arrange driver door to door delivery in the Eastern USA $350


Full medical History - With records of vaccine numbers

All shots and vaccinations up to date 

All preventative medicines given

Micro Chipped and ready to register


 Hershey is sweet and dependable, she loves a good bone and romping with her friends. She is a really pretty little girl with her dark good looks and has a surprisingly gentle nature. She should be more like Pretty or Chocolate or something far more royal , however my son and his friend chose the name Hershey the reason is obvious.

At Project Puppy Love we train ESA (Emotional Support Animals). Labrador retrievers do not need much training, they are total naturals. They are really intelligent dogs and make good companions, they are also very easy to train. They have a natural desire to please and to follow instructions. At Project Puppy Love we focus on socialize them really well especially with smaller dogs. Labradors that have been socialized in this way learn very quickly to be gentle with smaller dogs and to accept them in there space. This is very important if you would like to take your dog for a walk, to a bark park or have them around children or other pets. The early exposure is critical and very hard to replicate in a family situation. We spend a lot of time playing and walking them.

Hershey is especially good with our miniature Shichon. I was very nervous about allowing them together in the beginning and had to have strict supervision. It took a couple of days and now they are all friends and sleep and eat together. We try to make sure that our pets are not neurotic or anxious dogs. We work with people who often suffer from depression and anxiety and for this reason I choose only the best bred dogs that have a history of good health and solid bone structure.

I must mention that diet has a lot to do with health especially for Labs who tend to gain weight rapidly. I would highly recommend a grain free diet with a weekly real bone for mineral balance to keep the bones strong. It is essential to ensure good health and weight balance especially in Labs who pick up weight with carbohydrate rich diets. I have had a lot of Labs in my life and love training them. They are a joy when they have gone through our project and I never had a complaint.

The breeder is a personal friend of mine and I know the bloodline. They say happy homes make happy pets and she has excellent breeding and is ready to go to a new happy home. We do not register any of our puppies or supply papers, this is our way to discourage breeding with our dogs. 

Door to door delivery on East Coast is $350 or if you are in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama we can arrange to meet or you can visit the house any time.