Dobby - Chihuahua

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Dobby is a surprise on every level. At Project Puppy Love we train Emotional Support Animals. One of our staff members challenged me to train a teacup Chihuahua because I always maintain that any puppy can be trained to be an emotional support animal. Well Dobby turned out to be a very good student and my wife once remarked that she has no idea how such a small brain could hold so much intelligence. He manipulated her into sleeping in bed with her and has been my sons favourite puppy these past few weeks.

He is demanding and not toilet trained, he is still a bit young, that will come at 6 months. I do suspect that he knows what is required but simply does not like to go out in the cold. The raisin size droppings are easily hidden and he knows how to get away with things, after all, he is super cute. This breed does have the tendency to get cherry eye , or dry eyes, especially when stressed so it is necessary to use eye drops on them at least once or twice a week.

Dobby is in perfect health and our vet is very happy with him.  He has had all his shots and plays with the other puppies like a boss, well look at the pics or watch the video on out website.  He has no fear.  His has a robust appetite... for well... SALAD. Loves my wifes lettuce leaves, olives and pickles are a favorite. He turns a lot of heads in public and on a recent Project Puppy Love pet a puppy day at the local university he proved to be an absolute favorite. 

Dobby has completed his training and needs a new handbag and somebody special to love him. This is a one person pet, he is loyal and loving but needs the full attention of somebody. If that was not the case I would keep him. As with all our puppies at Project Puppy Love he comes with a money back guarantee any time. So if things do not work out you can get your money back and send him home to us whenever you need to. I just love this little guy and we need a big heart to take him. He will fill any loneliness and provide you with much amusement and smiles