Cookie - Yorkshire Terrier

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Name:  Cookie

Gender: Female

Born:     09/29/2019

Contact/Text:  423 503 5292

Fly to Me:  Any Puppy Anywhere in the USA for $300


Full medical History - With records of vaccine numbers

All shots and vaccinations up to date 

All preventative medicines given

Micro Chipped and ready to register


Cookie, well we named her after the feeling a hot choc chip cookie brings on a cold day. Joy and pleasure is what you find when you give your heart to something sweet that will love you.

So much love, so much personality. This evening i sat with her just playing and getting loved and I really felt that warm fuzzy feeling, like something would be missing if she was not around. At Project Puppy Love we train Emotional Support Animals. So we take a puppy and super socialize them with kids, people and other pets. The make the leap from pack animal to social animal, yes ready to join the human pack. We understand that this is the best way to make sure animals get treated the way they should, with love.

Puppies who are neurotic and live in fear do not fit in well with the human tribe. Cookie will, she is a natural. At times I think I enjoy my job too much. Seriously, I wish everybody in the world could have a puppy like cookie, I think it would make the world a better place to live in.