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Few people understand how important the first 20 somethings weeks of a puppies life is.  The brain waves are in Delta mode, in short this means that the puppy actively downloads its environment and rapidly learns how to deal with new situations.  For example, puppies exposed to fireworks at this age will not be scared of fireworks in later life, puppies who are socialized with cats will not chase cats.  This is the power or early social training programs, your new pet will be fearless and thus have more love to share. 

All dogs offer emotional support and love to humans, however some dogs are simply better suited for special jobs.  Dogs are bred with a purpose in mind and every breed has its strengths and weaknesses.  The dogs we choose for the Project Puppy Love training have specific natural abilities to support humans who need emotional support.  They help reduce depression and anxiety.  These puppies are ready to help children or adults who find it stressful to cope with life.  The truth is every human being needs emotional support at some point of time.

An article in the New York Times states that pet owners had a 20 percent lower risk of all-cause death and a 23 percent lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease.  We will help you to choose the right puppy for your needs.

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