Happy - Labradoodles

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Name:  Happy

Gender: Female

Breed:    Labradoodles

Born:     09/08/2020

Contact/Text:  423 503 5292

Fly to Me:  Any Puppy Anywhere in the USA for $350


Full medical History - With records of vaccine numbers

All shots and vaccinations up to date 

All preventative medicines given

Microchipped and ready to register


Happy is well happy.  My son thought this little lassie was the friendly puppy.  Well that she is,  if you are looking for a guard dog, well she may make a noise but I think she will lick and play a robber to death before she bits.  She has plenty of energy and a spirit that just will not quit.  Happy comes packed with love and life. I think somebody not main stream with sense of humor and a lot of passion will bond with her on a deep level.

She look and reminds me a bit of Bengi, the dog in the TV series, well the girl version.   Happy has the same sense of fun and intelligence.   The best is to watch the video on www.projectpuppylove.com.  I think the one where she gets Pepper, our Schnauzer, to like her is so cute.  She just follows him around all the time until Pepper stops and plays with her.  Pepper is a bit grumpy with the puppies but that just teaches them how to handle older dogs, a really good life skill. 

Happy assumed leadership of her little circle of friends not by dominating but just making friends.  Look she is no pushover and will stand her ground at meal times but she has a soft side with the little puppies and a sense of adventure that gets them all going. 

At Project Puppy Love we train Emotional Support Animals.  I have worked with many labs and love them.  The poodle father and Lab mother adds a bit of energy and intelligence to this already amazing breed.  I really can recommend the doodles.  I must say they can become a bit neurotic if they are not socialized properly.  Happy has been trained well and has done well in his training.   We have had so much positive feedback from Labradoodles in the past that I tend to like training them more and more every day.  

Our puppies will not snap at kids or other dogs and will be a pleasure in public spaces. They are trained not to be neurotic and fearful. Happy will make an amazing pet for anybody. To Facetime her text 423 503 5292.

We have a fly to me policy which will get him to you anywhere in the USA for $350.  I like it best when people come to meet the puppy and have a bond with them.  For those who have to buy online please make sure you have some time when you Facetime so you can get to know the puppy.  I have several video clips and will make some more if you request it.