Cookie - Yorkshire Terrier

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Name: Cookie

Gender: Female

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Born: 09/08/2020

Contact/Text: 423 503 5292

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Full medical History - With records of vaccine numbers

All shots and vaccinations up to date 

All preventative medicines given

Micro Chipped and ready to register


I had some people over today and picked Cookie up to give her a bit of attention.  I said, "I should really play with you more".  The thing is for such a cute little girl she just is not as needy as the other puppies.  She is more content to just be with the other puppies or sits and waits for me to finish what I am doing with before coming to me.  She is a super chill, content little girl with a fun side. 

She has a sense of humor and really makes us all laugh.  Her antics can be spectacular, she love sneak attacks and is constantly figuring out how to get the bigger dogs into trouble.  She loves eating a hearty meal and then just flops on his back, little belly extended.  I think I have a photo on the website.  Cookie likes to make little licks or love and just enjoy every moment.   I often think that this is what makes dogs special, they just live in the present moment and do not dwell or the past or worry about the future.  If you care to join them in that moment, boy will you have fun. She is so focused on her love of life that nothing gets to her and her happiness rubs off.  I love working with her, she is such a little star.

I love this breed, we training Emotional Support Animals and I only started training and socializing Yorkies a couple of years back because somebody asked me.  I think they are super little dogs, they can take a bit longer to toilet train, that is true.  However, I pick up a lot of poop, it is part of the job and I think she is well worth it.  It is important to remember that puppies only get bowl control at about 6 months.  My puppies have very few accidents in the house, they have access to the outside and prefer it.  If anybody tells you a puppy is toilet trained at 10 weeks, well they lie.  It takes time, remember humans use nappies, dogs learn much faster than humans. 

I like Yorkies,  think they are awesome. Really bright, they bring out the best in the families they join. 

She will travel well and play well but can have a nap at any given time. Cookie has never had a Cookie because she is on a grain free diet, but if you come and meet her feel free to bring a cookie, I would love to see her enjoy it. 

She was chosen to partake in the Project Puppy Love training program, i only took one from the litter.  One of our clients wanted a Yorkie but ended up taking a Shichon I had, well she fell in love and I thought it was precious.  So I am putting her online.  She is a pedigree dog but my client asked to pay less so I did not buy her breeding rights and do not have her registration paper.  

She will not turn neurotic and is in good health. She has a special ability to adapt to new situations this makes her an excellent Emotional Support Animal, and a rare find in Yorkies.  They just look fuzzy but nothing fuzzy about her brain.

Cookie is on our training program at Project Puppy Love.  We spend a lot of time together and one thing that makes her special is that she does not give up.  When she just got here she was so small and could not climb up the steps.  Well she just kept hammering away looking for another way until she had success.  Other puppies were distracted and asked for help, Cookie just kept of trying.  I like that in a puppy.  All or puppies are on a special diet and our aim is to get a puppy that is super healthy and confident in all situations.

Our puppies will not snap at kids or other dogs and will be a pleasure in public spaces. They are trained not to be neurotic and fearful. Cookie will make an amazing pet for anybody. To FaceTime her text 423 503 5292.  I encourage you to make sure you have time so you can get to know her.  I do prefer people coming in person but I know that it is not always possible.