Tik - Golden Labrador

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Name: Tik 

Gender: Female

BreedGolden Labrador

Born:  09/27/2020

Contact/Text:  423 503 5292

Fly to Me:  Any Puppy Anywhere in the USA for $350


Health Guarantee - Bring back our puppy and we give you your money back.

Full medical History - With records of vaccine numbers.

All shots and vaccinations up to date 

All preventative medicines given

Micro Chipped and ready to register


I love working with Labrador lets face it, they are special.  The coats are just so soft and they have a deeper and more gentle temperament.  Think of your favorite blanket and then add 4 legs, 2 eyes that sparkle, and your own smile. They are just so compliant and seem to have a need to make you happy, all the time.  I know this breed very well and they are super family dogs and amazing Emotional Support Animals dogs. 

Tik does her name proud, she is an ideal family dog.  She has a strong personality and will not allow other puppies to steal her food, so don't think she is only a big softy, she is just soft hearted.  She has a particular way of sitting, sort of looking out over the yard as if dreaming, yet she notices everything, sparkly eyes.   If somebody asked me which puppy would make a good painting on a Christmas card, I would say Tik, for sure. It is a bit of a strange name but then again my son likes to name the puppies and he sure is creative.

I need to pick the best puppies for our program because some of the puppies go to my wife's friends and clients.  She is a counsellor or "Shrink" and one would not like to give a sick puppy with issues to somebody who is having a hard time already.  So I like to find special puppies with special little personalities.  For me that is what it is all about.  I know everybody gets on about the genetics and and health, sure that is important, but personality is the key for me.

Tik has her brother Tok with her.  It is amazing how puppies know that they can always count of their siblings, I guess it is nature.  She will always cuddle with him first and stay close to him if we give bones, they have each others back, nobody takes the Tik Tok bones.   I love bathing her, she is like a no problem puppy, I think the retriever is really strong and she likes water.  We have fun at bath time.     Watch the videos on the website for a up close and personal feel then text and ask for FaceTime or more video.  This is a big decision and you will be enlarging your family by 1 so take time and make sure you are comfortable. 

I did not breed these puppies, I think that will not work for me because I like to chose the best from every litter, hardly something you can do if they are all yours, it will break my heart.   I do know the breeder. The breeder lives close to me and is the real deal, just a couple with a couple of dogs, newly weds.  .  

She is gentle with other dogs and submissive to Pepper, the older dog who serves as the group Alpha and teaches puppies respect. This helps them know what to do with an older dog who is grumpy in real life.  I think Tik is more of a  Lenny fan, our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, the two of them are really close.  Lenny teaches puppies how to be loving and gentle.  Like the older uncle we all wish we had. 

We try to make sure that our pets are not neurotic or anxious dogs. We work with people who often suffer from depression and anxiety and for this reason I choose only the best bred dogs that have a history of good health and solid bone structure.  I did not buy the breeding rights to these puppies so no AKC papers.  It is reflected in the price.

I must mention that diet has a lot to do with health especially for labs who tend to pick up a bit of weight.  I would highly recommend a grain free diet with a weekly real bone for mineral balance to keep the bones strong. It is essential to ensure good health and weight balance.

If you are looking for something special in a puppy well she is as close to perfect as they come, this is the one.  I give a 100% money back guarantee so if she does not live up to expectations just bring her back and I give your money back, that is confidence for you,  Plus i would never leave a dog where she is not adored and totally loved.

If you are in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama we can arrange to meet or you can visit the house any time.  Even if you just feel like playing with puppies, they like the attention.  We  can fly puppies but it is and additional $350. To FaceTime or What's App text 423 503 5292.  Please have a look at the websites www.projectpuppylove.com or to ask for more video.