How to choose a puppy from a litter?

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list how to choose a puppy

The Short List

When choosing a new puppy you have some great options and choices.  If you think it through and do a bit of research you will be off to a good start.  So take a bit of time and watch the video's in the Before you Buy section.  Dr Jeff Nichol has a wonderful way of making things practical.:

Here are some points to tick of before you get a Puppy

  • Size Matters :  Big dogs need more space and exercise, they also tend to live shorter lives.
  • Breeds have Needs:  When it comes to breeds we all have a special relationship either with a breed we had or friends and family had.  In my experience it is best to stick to what you know from experience.  Just reading about a breed will give you a biased opinion of somebody who loves that special breed. 
  • Background Check:  See if your local pound has the type of dog you are interested in.  It may be a bit of work training them but you will be making a positive contribution by adopting a pet.  If you would like a puppy be aware that puppy mills are an reality and breeders who have litter upon litter is well cruel.  You will be best served by a small operation that is not about the money but about the dogs.
  • Checklist
  1. Make sure you have a money back guarantee and not just something that looks like a guarantee.  Ask the hard questions.
  2. Make sure the puppy looks alert and happy.
  3. The coat is the best way to see how healthy a puppy is.
  4. Eyes, ears and nose should be clean and have no or little discharge.
  5. Check ears by clicking behind each ear.
  6. Nose should be cold and wet.
  7. The best is to have a puppy that chooses you, after all it is a relationship.

Getting a puppy means that you need to follow your heart.  Listen to your intuition, or that still small voice.  Love will find a way.



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